AV Novice Spaniel Trial

 at Delamore., Cornwood, Devon

Monday 26th November


  • 1st & guns choice Nederscot Skidaddle - Tony Mankey
  • 2nd Wiscombe Sloegasm - Sara Chichester
  • 3rd Nederscot Scout of Flintwood – Owner John Cook handler Shane Leigh
  • 4th Hardstone Lad of Countryways - Mike Bassett 

CofM's –

  • Spinnchetti Minnie - Chris Baker
  • Halwin Ryston Predator of Spannerwood - Wayne Swiggs
  • Kirstzo Gwen of Tylacoch – Jeff Ayres

Great trial, many thanks to Martin Ashman and Neil Harris (judges) Snowy Parker for the ground, the guns and all the competitors.

AV Novice Spaniel Trial

At Colquite, Bodmin by kind permission of Countess Pinky Le Grelle & Mr Michael Van Hoorbereke

Friday 2nd November

Judges: Mrs MA Cox & Mr SD Blackman


  • 1st Countryways Blueberry - Dave Templar
  • 2nd Willowsaul Wiganer - Martin Ashman
  • 3rd Countryways Railey of Windbush - Dave Templar
  • 4th Pathfields Rupert - Nick Gregory

CofM 's awarded to:

  • Rusty Freddie - Rob Wilmott
  • Spinnchetti Minnie - Chris Baker
  • Kilhopemoss Bedevilled of Halwin Ryston -Mike Hoskins
  • Middletor Athena of Treffry - Keith Penrose
  • Kilhopemoss Big Bang of Spannerwood - Wayne Swiggs
  • Halwin Ryston Pussy Galore - Mike Hoskins

Open AV Spaniel except Spaniel (Cocker), limited to 16 dogs

At Castle Hill, North Devon

By kind invitation of the Castle Hill Syndicate

Wednesday 31st October 2018

Judges  Mr S Bolton Mr L Cooper


After a 3 Dog run off

  • 1st and guns choice FTCh Bucklawren Krusoe ESSD - Mr Simon Jones
  • 2nd Cowarnecourt Keisha ESSB - Mr Angelo Lo Curto
  • 3rd. Flintwood Fuzzy ESSB - Mr John Cook
  • 4th Barcudwen Spirit of Cripico ESSD - Mr David Templar


  • Barcudwen Molly - Mr Aled Jones
  • Kilhopemoss Gilberto of Spannerwood - Mr Wayne Swiggs
  • Wiltonsprings Cleo - Ms Julie Etherington
  • Bucklawren Luna of Stockingford - Mr Maurice Stanbury
  • Palmarrion Eclipse - Mrs Marion Emery

Open Stake for AV Retriever, limited to 12 dogs

At Delamore Estate, Cornwood, Ivybridge, Devon

By kind permission of Mr JM Parker

Tuesday 16th October 2018        

Judges: Barbara Kuen (A2579), Mr. Chris Brain (A2443), Mrs J Venturi-Rose (B1930)  Mr J Barnes (B2198)


  • 1st Ms. Mel Brooks with Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay
  • 2nd. Mr. Haydn Wilmott with Stykesboy Llangyldr    
  • CoMs to Ms. J. Latham with Zennawood Pitch Perfect and
  • Ms. G. Yates with Lubbecke Simone

The WDWGC were delighted to be invited to hold the Open Retriever Qualifier at the Cornwood Estate. Mr Parker had selected the first two drives for the trial, which allowed the judges to watch the dogs work in a variety of situations from deep cover to grass fields. The first drive had the birds flushed over a deep valley, and lasted an astonishing 45minutes, the dogs remaining in line the entire duration! The guns left the trial to continue their day, while the judges selected birds in bracken, on a dry flood plane or in open woods for the dogs, and completed the first two rounds. We met the guns for the third drive and yet again the high birds flew well. Mr. Parker watched the drive, and he and the Guns delighted the dog owners by leaving late for lunch so that they might watch the final retrieves made by the dogs! The committee and members thank Mr. Parker and his fantastic team for making the day flow so easily, the friendly atmosphere between Mr Parker, the keepers, guns and club members defined the day and the Judges closed their books without needing another drive.

Thank you to the Judges for working together throughout the trial to bring home a result! And to the team of helpers for making the trial run so smoothly. We welcomed the support and sponsorship of Skinners Dog Foods.

Mary Jane Opie

FT Secretary Retrievers

Field Trial Meeting for Pointers & AV Setters


At Bowes Moor, Co Durham, by kind permission of Mr Alexander Yew

On Saturday 21st July 2018

Judges:  Mr N R Smith   Mr J C Hadley


  • 1st  Mrs CD Roberts P.D PAADEBERG ZEPHYRUS
  • 3rd Mrs Kim Brown’s P.D. HYRSTEAD CRAKE