Open Retriever Trial - 4th January 2020

at Lyneham Estate, Devon. 

By Kind invitation of the Harvey Family and Estate.

Judges: Mr H Vilendal, Mr B Barker, Mr G Bird and Ms M-J Opie

Mr D Hartford, Head keeper, selected two drives for the judges to test the dogs with a wonderful variety of retrieves. The Guns shot superbly,

with birds falling in open woods, across a small stream or on open ground. The judges had enough game to get through to 4th round on the

first drive – the dogs working well allowing 7 dogs to stand at the second drive – facing the lake. The judges’ offered the remaining dogs a

swim across the lake to retrieve from an island or the far bank. After watching the dogs complete eight retrieves, the judges closed their books.


  • 1st  Kelmagra Cole of Wiscombe     Ms. Sara. Chichester
  • 2nd  Hawksgarth Sirooco    Ms. Tess Lawrence
  • 3rd  Think Twice Uh La La La   Mr. Peter Vivijs


  • Nobsquinton Nettle   Ms Claire Raymond
  • Sorrelcott Escalibur    Ms Helen Goodwin
  • FTCh Kestrelway Drake    Mr. Jason Mayhew

Many thanks to Mr. D. Harvey, The Lyneham Estate, Judges and a great team of hardworking helpers!


Novice Stake for AV Spaniel - Thursday 28th November 2019

At Delamore Estate, Cornwood, Ivybridge, Devon

By kind permission of Mr JM Parker

Judges:    Mr K A Powell & Mr J McAndrew 


  • 1st Mr NC Cox’s ESS B Murrayeden Bunty
  • 2nd Mr M Hoskins’ ESS BB Halwinryston Pussy Galore
  • 3rd & Guns Choice Mr J Williams’ ESS BB Jarailstar Piquet
  • 4th Mr D Rayner’s ESS B Halaze Voodoo Child of Woodash

Certiciates of merit awarded to

  • Mr D Templar’s ESS D Countyways Argon
  • Mr M Warren’s Cocker D Taffswell Toddy
  • Mr W Swiggs’ ESS D Kilhopemoss Starbuck of Spannerwood

Novice Retriever Trial at Morval Estate. 26th October

By kind invitation of Mr Roy Flood

Judges; Tim Shipp, Judy Rainey, Sally Ashby and Stuart Robson stood, with the dogs and handlers in torrential rain!

Thank you to the Estate, who worked so well to ensure that the trial would go ahead, the Judges and the helpers.

Although soaking wet the handlers stayed 'till the end of the trial - Thank you all!


  • CoM to Jill Gardner with Polihale Grizzly Bear Of Foxcot


Open one day stake for Retrievers at the Cornwood Estate. 17th October

We held the first Open one day stake of the season for Retrievers at the Cornwood Estate.

By kind invitation of Mr JM Parker

Many thanks to the Judges;  Steve Ashby, Keith Sandercock, Mike Larkin and Simon Hagain,

the Estate; Mr Parker and his team,

and the club helpers... a lovely day at a fabulous estate! 

Congratulations to;

  • 1st Ms Liz Taylor with Tagabea Loganberry
  • 2nd Ms S Bailye Artistryn Usha (handled by D. Field)
  • 3rd Mr Tom Lowe Websend Olifants River.


Open AV Spaniel (except cockers) Trial at Castle Hill - 9th October

Judges – J Davies and A Jones


  • 1st Shellspoon Time to Shine - Andy Faulkner
    2nd FTCh Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash - Jeremy Organ
  • 3rd FTCh Dashwood Peggy Sue - Steve Bolton
  • 4th Bucklawren Jinx - Matt Cardwell


  • Countryways Blueberry - Dave Templar
  • Creccamarsh Virtue - Rich Biggs
  • Bucklawren Luna of Stockingford - Maurice Stanbury
  • Palmarrion Eclipse - Marion Emery
  • Bucklawren Kadiz - Simon Jones

Guns Choice

  • Greenbrush Charley of Boggwater - Kevin John



Novice and open stakes

Judges Mrs C. Brown (A) and Mrs N Ackerley-Kemp (B)

Novice results held on Saturday 20th July at Bowes Moor

By kind permission of  Mr Alexander Yew

  • 1st Clitters Ailla Handled and owned by Miss N Harris
  • 2nd Fearn Swallow of Bladesdale  Handled and owned by Mr P Dale
  • 3rd Windhovering Ash Handled and owned by Mr P Curran

Open results held on Sunday 21st July at Bowes Moor

By kind permission of  Mr Alexander Yew

  • 1st Morness Abba Handler Mr R M MacNicol owner Mr L Hild
  • 2nd Sparkfield Twiggy Handled and owned by Mr T W Harris
  • 3rd FTCH Goddrib Bari of Bitternboom Handled and owned by Mr J Naylor
  • 4th Koran Kasbah at Sparkfield Handler Mr T W Harris owner Ms M Jacques
  • CofM Sheantullagh Djouse Handled and owned by Mr B Connolly
  • CofM Dunroon Ginger Storm of Wiscombe Handled and owned by Ms S A K Chichester

This made the winning dog up to Field Trial Champion