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NOTE from the Treasurer

Dear Member,

Thank you for your continued membership and support of the Club this year, it is appreciated.  I’ve taken over as the new Treasurer and I’m just trying to get to grips with how everything works!   Special plea from me:

Those of you who regularly pay by cheque - did you know that when you pay by cheque, the Bank doesn’t even give us your name on the statement!  However, if you pay by standing order, your name is printed on the Bank statement - providing us with an independent and up-to-the- moment means of updating our membership lists.  It also saves your volunteer Treasurer (me) a lot of work leafing through paying-in books!  

So please help us by setting up a standing order payable from April 1st 2020. This can be done via your online bank or completing the standing order form which is with the membership details on the website - and sending it direct to your Bank.  

 If you already pay by standing order, please check your standing order is for the correct amount (£10) and is payable from 1st April.  We still have some payments coming in at £6 (this becomes a donation rather than the membership fee...) and some whose standing orders are paid between December and February, which risks them getting lost from the membership list from 1st April. 

Thank you - this will be a great help!  Any difficulties, please get in touch.  

Val Brookes
Hon Treasurer


Managing Injuries in Working Gundogs

Thurs 31st October 2019. 
at California Inn PL21 0SG 

  • Open to ALL members and invited Guests,
  • Prompt 7.00pm An evening with Vets from the Southmoor Practice.
  • Plus One-course hot meal (Beef Chilli or 5 Bean Chilly, with rice, tortillas, sour cream, dressed salad. Cup of tea or coffee).

To book, Contact 

2020 Provisional Dates for Spaniel Diaries!

March 8th 2020 Working Test
April 2nd Club Training starts every two weeks
April 4th & June 7th Guest Trainer days
June 21st Fun Scurry!
Sept 12th Working Test

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