We are extremely grateful to Skinners Dog Food for sponsoring the awards in each test.

AV Open Retriever Working Test at Coryton Devon

Sunday 8th April

Judges: Tim Shipp, Matt Gould,Shane Padbury.

Results  -  after a run off:

  • 1st Movenne Cougar at Tunnelwood Sally Ashby's Lab dog
  • 2nd Lubbecke Simone Gillian Yates' Lab bitch
  • 3rd Westall Tolley Frank Fitheridge's Lab dog
  • 4th Astraglen Italia Alex Brain's Lab dog
  • C of M Laverton Meadow Cowslip Sarah Lowman's Lab bitch
  • C of M Silverdyke Dram of Canburne Bruce Ross-Smith's GR dog

Many thanks to the Judges, all the helpers and to Skinners for their sponsorship.

Maureen Jennings

Open and Novice AV Retriever Working Test 

At Sydenham Estate 10th June by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Graeme Hart and Anthony De La Cour 

A very special day to celebrate one of our life member’s 90th Birthday! June Barrie still competing and picking up with her dogs!

Judges: Rupert Hill Judy Rainey Steve Ashby and Tim Shipp

Open Results:

  • 1st Lubbecke Simone Gill Yates' Lab Bitch
  • 2nd Lubbecke Melly Susan Wood's Lab Bitch 
  • 3rd Lillyhorne Peregrine Caroline Nunnerly's Lab Dog 
  • 4th Zennawood Pitch Perfect Jessica Latham's Lab Dog 

Novice Results:

  • 1st Placebartons Red Lady Paul Passmore's Lab Bitch
  • 2nd Davy Sunny Fetham Mary Snell's Lab Dog 
  • 3rd Movenne Sabine Barbara Dolman's Lab Bitch 
  • 4th Tunnelwood Seedfinch Chris Betts' Lab Dog

Thank you so much to the judges, the many helpers who made the day possible, Skinners for their generosity 90 year old June had to ask for help to carry her present of a bag of dog food - imagine!

Maureen Jennings


AV Spaniel Novice & Open Working Tests at Delamore Estate

Sunday 1st July 2018

Having prepared for a sweltering day, all I can say is that by the end of the test we were all drowned, as the heavens opened from beginning to end.

I would like to thank Snowy Parker for allowing the club to use the ground, Nigel Price and Danny Spence for Judging, Trevor Gussey and Bruce Taggett for dummy throwing and Karen Sargeson for stewarding.

Open Results

  • lst Gary Holbrook, Aveegotun Morning Cloud CS bitch
  • 2nd Val Brookes, Truth Will Out ESS bitch
  • 3rd Gary Holbrook, Amberquest Dynamo CD dog
  • 4th Tony Mankey, FTCH Nederscot Eitwen ESS bitch

Novice Results

  • lst D Wills, Ddraigman Dodger ESS dog
  • 2nd Val Brookes, Autumnwillow Hester ESS bitch
  • 3rd T Mankey, Nederscot Skidaddle ESS bitch
  • 4th Rob Wilmott, Rusty Freddie CS dog

Thank you to all who entered.

Margaret Hughes

Novice AV Retriever Walk Up

Sunday 9th September at Trevallet Farm by kind permission of Andrew and Terry Jones

Our last Working Test of the Season, a lovely day in the fodder beet


  • 1st Skanseara Karowe Helen Ingram’s lab bitch
  • 2nd Movenne Tanner Caroline Nunneleys lab dog
  • 3rd Ticefield Thunder Nigel Sheppard’s lab dog
  • 4th Cornish Tweed Jake Crabb’s lab dog
  • COM Winbeck Loyal Kinsman of Tanderswell Margaret Allen’s GR dog
  • COM Pen point Foxy Lady Alice Wise’s Lab dog
  • COM Wizaller Frosted Steel Tom Bounsall’s lab dog

Congratulations to the winner and all in the awards

Thank you to the judges Nick Coates and Frank Fitheridge, the dummy throwers and all the helpers.

I would also like to thank everybody who has helped with our Tests this season, and a special thanks to Skinners for their continued support.

Maureen Jennings