Novice Spaniel Working Test Sunday 15th September

What a wonderful day we have had - beautiful weather, lovely ground and views - huge thank you to our...

Judges, Margaret Cox, Wayne Swiggs & Steve Ashby - for their time and support to our novice handlers.

Also a big Thank you to the helpers : Robert Willmott, John Pascoe, Maureen Jennings, Dan Spence, Nigel Brookes.

Great to have so many entrants - well done all and Thank you!


  • 1st Pia Warren Birnie with Gamesika Lerryn
  • 2nd Becky Hawkins with Maesydderwen Bourbon
  • 3rd Sue Bailey with Pippa of Burtonwood
  • 4th Ed Cox with Countryways Keira
  • Novice Handler/Novice Dog: Janet Burley

Val Brookes


AV Open Walk Up Test in Roots 

Sunday 8th September at Higher Trevallet Launceston by kind permission of Terry and Andrew Jones 

Judges Michael Larkin and Tim Shipp 


  • 1st Studebaker Bugatti Mary -Jane Opies Lab dog
  • 2nd Haddeo Finlaggan Stuart Robsons GR dog
  • 3rd after a run off Ticefield Redwing of Annington Bay Mell Brooks lab dog 
  • 4th Saintcyres Cavendish Zoe Townsends Lab dog
  • COM Ticefield Thunder Nigel Sheppards Lab dog

Congratulations to all in the awards.

Many thanks to the landowners , Judges and helpers

Thank you to Skinners for their Sponsorship of all our Tests this year , and thank you to for sponsoring the helpers presents 
A lovely day in the sunshine with some very good dog work

AV Novice Retriever Working Test

Sunday 18th August held at the Kitley Estate by kind permission of the Bastard family

Judges Steve Ashby, Tim Shipp, Mary-Jane Opie, John Hodge, and Keith Dimmick

There was a run off for 1st 2nd and 3rd Place

  • 1st Margaret Allens GR dog Winbeck Loyal Kinsman of Tanderswell
  • 2nd Louise Cunninghams lab bitch Kirby Star
  • 3rd Helen Fords FCR dog Percuil Dasher
  • 4th Nigel Sheppards lab dog Ticefield Thunder
  • Novice Handler Melanie Peeks
  • GR bitch Leycross Sorbet

Congratulations to all in the awards

Thank you to the judges. A huge thank you to all our helpers and there were a lot of you! special thanks to Jo Fergie who helped me so that I could run my dog

Thank you to Skinners as always for their continued support.       Maureen

AV Novice Retriever Working Test 

Sunday 9th June at the Sydenham Estate ,by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Graeme Hart and Anthony De La Cour 

Judges Sara Chichester Gill Yates and Jo Fergie

  • 1st Kensteen Moonlight John Butlers lab dog
  • 2nd Southwood Newton Zoe Gethings lag dog
  • 3rd Teeshot Nickel Doreen Spencers lab bitch
  • 4th Tunnelwood Seedfinch Chris Betts lab dog
  • COM Westall Teak Zoe Townsends lab bitch
  • COM Movenne Sabine Barbara Dolmans lab bitch

 Many thanks to the judges, all the helpers and to Skinners for their continued support

 Congratulations to John and all in the awards

Maureen Jennings

Sherborne Castle Country Fair

Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2019

Retriever Team Challenge

Second place to team WDWGC

FTCh Hanrebor Blackberry      Frank Fitheridge

TicefieldRedwing of Annington Bay      Mel Brooks

StudeBaker Bugatti      Mary-Jane Opie

Zennawood Pitch Perfect     Jess Latham

Top Dog Mel Brookes

Congratulations to our Team representing the West Dartmoor Gundog Club


AV Open Retriever Working Test

at Werrington Park by kind permission of Sarah and Mike Williams

Sunday 7th April

Judges Mary Jane Opie, Robin Gray and Sue Gray

  • 1st Saintcyres Cavendish Zoe Townsend’s lab dog
  • 2nd after a run off FTCh Hanrebor Blackberry Frank Fitheridge’s lab dog
  • 3rd Movenne Tanner Caroline Nunneley’s lab dog
  • 4th Westall Tolley Frank Fitheridge’s lab dog

Thank you to our kind hosts our Judges and to all the helpers without whom we could not run these Tests !

Many thanks to Skinners for their continued support

Many congratulations to all in the awards

Maureen Jennings