AV Retriever Novice Stake at Wooladon Farn, Lifton, Devon

On Thursday, 19th October 2017, by kind permission of Mr A Mounce

Judges: Mrs JA Rainey Mr K Sandercock Mr S Robson and Mrs S Ashby


  • 1st ASTRAGLEN ITALIA Mrs Alex Brain’s Lab Dog
  • 2nd ZENNAWOOD DARK ANGEL Miss J Latham’s Lab Bitch

Open AV Spaniel except (Cockers) trial at Castle Hill

On 11th October, by kind invitation of Mr B.Mitchell and the Castle Hill syndicate

Judges - Mr R. Preest and Mr G. Davies.


  • 1st and making up to FTCH and guns choice - Taylorsdrift Shadowland - Mr C. Morgan
  • 2nd FTCH Bucklawren Kruse - Mr S. Jones
  • 3rd Edgegrove Opal - Mr A. Faulkner
  • 4th Skitters Spot - Mr D. Anderson

CofM's awarded to

  • Rosebay Harmony - Mrs A. Wise
  • Deepfleet van Persie - Mr.P. Avery

Open Qualifying Stake for AV Retriever At Pawton Manor, Wadebridge, Cornwall

Wednesday, 4th October 2017, by kind permission of Mr A Wills

Judges: Mike Larkin, Nick Coates, Simon Hagain and Ken Green


  • 2nd SUTHCHARIC EVIE, Sue Berman’s Lab Bitch
  • 3rd CYNHINFA LADISLAV Jamie Bettinson’s Lab Dog
  • 4th LEVENGHYL ROCK N ROLL Amy Bates Lab Dog

Field Trial Meetings for Pointers and AV Setters as Bowes Moor Co. Durham

By kind invitation of Mr Alexander Yew

Judges: Mrs M Asbury (A2755) and Mr L Anderson (NP)

Novice Stake for 45 Dogs

On Saturday 15th July 2017


  • 1st Ms S A K Chichester’s 2 year old IS D DUNROON GINGER STORM OF WISCOMBE. Bownard Carrabullawn of Wiscombe ex Dunroon Constance. Breeder: Miss S. Jales Handler: Miss M Raynor
  • CoM Mrs F G Truman’s 4 year old GS B WHITE PAWS OF GAWCOTT (IMP ESP). Nymarken’s Mr Vincent ex Wokks Be Cool. Breeder: J Naurro Handler: Miss M Raynor

Open Stake for 45 Dogs

On Sunday 16th July 2017


  • 1st Mr & Mrs Lound’s 4 year old P D FROSTED ELFIN AT FLEETSTALK. Goddrib Judd ex Papermill Femme Fatale. Breeder: Mr L Anderson. Handler: Mr S Lound
  • 2nd Miss L Westron’s 4 year old P B GODDRIB FLORENCE. Lucaniae Charro ex Goddrib Pepper Pig. Breeder: Mr L Cooper. Handler: Owner
  • 3rd Mr R Gould’s 2 year old ES B UPPERWOOD VOULEZVOUS AVEC WAMILANGHAAR. Gibeltariv Troy at Upperwood ex FtCh Upperwood Va Va Voom. Breeder: Mr & Mrs Goutorbe. Handler: Owner
  • 4th Mr T Hall’s 7 year old ES B UPPERWOOD ASH ALERT. Archie Me Lad with Upperwood ex Spagrove Beaujolais at Upperwood. Breeder: Mr & Mrs Goutorbe. Handler: Owner
  • CoM Mrs J Organ’s 7 year old P B SPARKFIELD BONNET OF FERNGLEN. FtCh Glenlinnhe Scapa ex FtCh Sparkfield Breeze. Breeder: T Harris. Handler: Mr C Organ

Open AV Retriever Stake at Lyneham Estate, Yealmpton, Devon

On Saturday 6th January 2018 By kind invitation of Mrs S Harvey & Mr D Harvey

Judges: Mr MJ Tallamy, Ms S Gadd, Mr T Lowe and Miss M Brooks


  • 1st TANYRHALLT BLUE BLOODS Mrs Wendy Glue’s Lab Dog
  • 2nd KESTRELWAY DRAKE Mr Jason Mayhew’s Lab Dog

Novice AV Spaniel –at Delamore Estate , Cornwood

On 28th November by kind permission of Mr JM Parker

Judges: Mike Shefford and Chris Morgan.


  • 1st Thistlepark Eclipse ESS B Mr N.Price and local handler
  • 2nd Bucklawren Kadiz ESS B Mr S.Jones
  • 3rd Kilhopemoss Gilberto of Spannerwood ESS D Mr W.Swiggs
  • 4th and guns choice, Kirtso Genie ESS B Mr R.Woodward
  • C of Ms - Ffnonlas Onyx Ms S.Crago, Thistlepark Elka Mrs L.Burnell, Middletor Athena of Trefry Mr K.Penrose, Liechryd Dreamer Mr D.Spence