Membership is open to all those interested in working gundogs and prospective members are invited to attend one training session with the club.

Applicants must be proposed and seconded by two current paid up members of the Club and receive the subsequent approval of the Committee.

Annual Subscriptions are £10.00 and are due on April 1st.

PLEASE NOTE if subs are not paid by June 30th a rejoining fee will be required.

Click Here to Download Application Form

New members are subject to a £5.00 joining fee. A re-joining fee of £5.00 will be levied for lapsed membership.

Those accepted for membership after February 1st will be considered as paid members for the year.

Please send application form and cheque for £15.00 to the secretary.

Subsequent subs should be sent directly from your bank by standing order using the details on the application form.

Please contact the Treasurer if there are any problems setting up a standing order.