The club was formed initially in April 1963 on a purely informal basis by a group of local enthusiasts. Membership and interest grew until the present Club was officially formed and established with Kennel Club approval in December 1965.

Aims Of The Club

To encourage and assist owners in training their dogs for work in the shooting field.

To help preserve and maintain the natural instincts of the various gundog breeds.

The Club holds open qualifying and novice field trials for both retrievers and spaniels, and a novice pointer and setter trial. Working tests and training classes are also held at varying venues within the area. It is emphasised at this point that gundog training is entirely distinct from obedience training, apart from one or two basic principles. The Club occasionally organises various social events during the year.

Membership is open to all those interested in working gundogs and prospective members are invited to attend one training session with the club..

Applicants must be proposed and seconded by two current members of the Club and receive the subsequent approval of the Committee.

To join us please find the membership application form here                

Please also join us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wdwgc

News and Events

All members please note!

We are really grateful that most of you now pay your subs and test/trial entries electronically and some of you have been doing this for a long time. Since Santander took over the Alliance&Leicester account, they have been good enough to just transfer payments still made to the old account into the new one. However this stops very soon. Can I please ask all of you to double check your payment details and that any payments go to an account with a 09-01-51 sort code. Details are also on the new membership form. Thank you.

Pointer and Setter Trials

Please note a change of venue for our Pointer & Setter Trials. Please click here for more information.

Letter from the Chairman

We recently sent a letter from the new Chairman to all members - if you didn’t receive it, please make sure we have your email address? Send us your upto date email address here: