The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 16th May 2018.

Following the approval of the minutes of the previous AGM on 17th May 2017, and matters arising dealt with, the Chairman reported on a very successful year of field trials, including the first open stake Pointer and Setter trial at Bowes Moor in C Durham, which followed another very successful season of working tests.  He thanked the appropriate secretaries and said how lucky we are to be able to rely on such generous hosts, judges and helpers.

On other matters, the training classes for both retrievers and spaniels had been successful, and in addition to our website we now have a Facebook page.

He then wished everyone an enjoyable year with their dogs and hoped that everyone would enjoy our club events.

In the absence of the Treasurer who was standing down, Anthony Eldred presented the accounts which were adopted.

Those Officers and committee members who were standing for re-election were re-elected en bloc.

With the resignation of Sheila Gussey from FT Secretary Retrievers/Pointers & Setters  the Chairman welcomed our new Field Trial Secretary, Mary-Jane Opie and hoped that everyone would support and help her through her first year.  The Treasurer, Mark Harding, resigned, and the post is still vacant.  From the Committee Karen Sargeson resigned and there was one other vacancy, and the Chairman then welcomed the two new committee members, Ed Cox and Rob Wilmott. 

There being no further business the Chairman brought the meeting to a close.